Articles by Larry Fox provide insight and help Christians form a biblical perspective of many spiritual, personal, social, end times and other topics. Scripture quotations are taken from the New International Version, unless specified otherwise.


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Our Covenant Relationship with God


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The True Nature of Our Spiritual Conflict


Bible Reading Plans

Entire Bible

Annually read the entire Bible. View the Plan (PDF)

New Testament Only

Annually read the entire New Testament once, most epistles twice. View the Plan (PDF)

Entire Bible, Advanced

Annually read the entire Bible once, the New Testament twice, most epistles three times. This includes Old and New Testament readings every day. View the Plan (PDF)

Christian Living

This Life

Many people, including Christians, wonder what life is all about. A careful reading of the Bible reveals this life isn’t about this life. Read now

Working with God

Should we expect God to do everything for us, or is there some level at which we get involved? Is working with God possible in our everyday activities? Read now

Scriptural Confession

A great way to make the Bible relevant to daily life and transform one’s thinking is to make biblical truths personal through scriptural confession. Read now

Prayer Recommendations

Increase the range and effectiveness of prayer time by including these prayer recommendations for America, local economy, other Christians and your region. Read now

Daily Thanksgiving

Based on Psalms 23 and 103, this statement of daily thanksgiving helps us enter God’s presence with gratitude for who he is and what he does. Read now

Daily Worship

This is a statement of worship of our awesome God, who is absolutely unique, the only true God, and worthy of all honor and glory and praise. Read now

Christians, Are You Ready for This?

Non-Christians are becoming increasingly intolerant of what and who we represent, and are beginning to criticize, ridicule and harass us openly. Read now

Is Unforgiveness Really a Problem?

Does it matter what our attitude is toward people who hurt or offend us, even if we don’t do anything to them? Does our unforgiveness actually affect anyone? Read now

Spiritual Covenant, Physical Health

One of the blessings of our covenant with God is protection and deliverance from anything that might harm us, which makes supernatural physical health possible. Read now

Teaching Young People About Money

We can teach young people about stewardship of money by providing a simple financial planning system and helping them use it; and using the plan ourselves. Read now

Love the Lord Your God

What did Jesus mean when he said we should love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength? Read now

Taking God’s Name in Vain

Taking God’s name in vain isn’t about using it as a profanity or swear word, but doing something many Christians do without realizing it. Read now

What Disturbs Me About the American Church

These are some things that deeply disturb me regarding Christians (including myself) and the ineffectiveness of the American church. Read now


Godly Character

It All Began in the Garden of Eden

The most fundamental trait of sinful human nature first appeared in the Garden of Eden, where it caused the original sin. Read now

Humility First

Of all the godly character traits we should develop, the most important one, humility, counters the fundamental trait of sinful human nature. Read now

Your Character, Perverted by Sin

Sin perverted or corrupted God’s creation, so discover how it affects our human character and causes us to focus on ourselves. Read now

Your Character, Redeemed by God

God redeemed our character from its sinful condition so it functions as he intends. Discover the essential role we have in that process. Read now

The Great Benefits of Testing

Our temporary trials in life can produce unimaginable temporal and eternal benefits for us if we entrust ourselves to God’s care. Read now


Spiritual Authority

Authority — The Legality of Earthly Dominion

Explore how Jesus restored the dominion Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden, and extended that authority to his followers, who now reign over their domains. Read now

Our Spiritual Authority

Discover why Jesus gave his followers spiritual authority, what the extent of that authority is and how we can use it effectively. Read now

Our Domain

Learn how our spiritual authority is effective in our domain, the realm or realms over which we have authority and influence. Read now

The Lord’s Prayer

Consider whether the Lord’s prayer includes an official invitation we extend to God to intervene in our domain, and whether it’s necessary. Read now


Spiritual Kingdoms at War

Introduction to Spiritual Kingdom Warfare

Discover how conflicts we experience in life are results of spiritual kingdom warfare, how we can address the actual causes and achieve God-honoring results. Read now

The Eternal Kingdom of God at War

It’s essential we understand why the conflicts we experience are the results of spiritual warfare against the kingdom of God, and how that conflict began. Read now

Satan’s Kingdom at War

Discover what Satan’s kingdom was originally, how he received it, who currently is in it, how it’s been reduced and limited in time. Consider his limitations. Read now

Our Domains Under Spiritual Attack

Our domains are under spiritual attack, but God gave us the resources we need to fulfill our kingdom duties and successfully resist our spiritual enemies. Read now

Satan’s Followers in Kingdom Warfare

As citizens of Satan’s dark kingdom, his human followers reflect his nature, imitate his behavior and do his work, which clearly is evident in kingdom warfare. Read now

God’s Family in Kingdom Warfare

Discover our duties as God’s family and how we should act toward evil spiritual forces, human government and unbelievers. Read now

Preparation for Kingdom Warfare

Learn how to prepare for spiritual kingdom warfare by using the armor of God, practicing spiritual disciplines and developing a biblical perspective. Read now


Spiritual Laws

Introduction to Spiritual Laws

The purpose of this series of articles is to examine some of the spiritual laws found in the Bible that govern our lives. Read now

Spiritual Law of Action and Results

Learn how the spiritual law of action and results causes what we do to be effective in both the spiritual and physical realms. Read now

Spiritual Law of Blessing Israel and the Jews

Discover whether the spiritual law of blessing Israel and the Jews is relevant today, and whether we should honor the promises God made to them. Read now

Spiritual Law of Contact

Discover how the spiritual law of contact causes us to interact with each other on multiple levels, often without being aware of it. Read now

Spiritual Law of Exchange

The spiritual law of exchange is a key to our relationship with God because he receives our sins, weaknesses and illnesses in exchange for what we need. Read now

Spiritual Law of Faith

The spiritual law of faith reveals whether our faith is genuine, not by whether what we have faith for what happens, but because it affects our behavior. Read now

Spiritual Law of Increase

The spiritual law of increase may be one of the most important spiritual laws and it’s relevant to every aspect of our lives. Read now

Spiritual Law of Reciprocity

Discover how the spiritual law of reciprocity, also know as the law of sowing and reaping, produces results dependent on what we do and why we do it. Read now

Spiritual Law of Regeneration

When we sacrifice something important for the sake of God’s kingdom, the spiritual law of regeneration produces benefits for us in this life and eternity. Read now

Spiritual Law of Separation

Discover how God intends for a Christian’s character, behavior and spiritual status to reflect the spiritual law of separation. Read now

Spiritual Law of Sin and Death

What is the spiritual law of sin and death, to whom does it apply, and how is it related to God’s standard of righteousness? Read now

Spiritual Law of Synergy

Consider how God uses the spiritual law of synergy, causing everything we experience to produce compounded results for us. Read now


The True Nature of Our Spiritual Conflict

A Legal Conflict, Not a Battlefield

The nature of spiritual warfare changed at the cross and we must understand the true nature of that conflict to experience the results described in Scripture. Read Now

The Judge

The Bible clearly portrays God as the Judge of all, who delivers righteous judgments and verdicts from his heavenly court in all matters. Read Now

The Prosecutor

Learn the identity of the one who initiates legal action as a prosecutor in God’s court and brings formal charges against us. Read Now

The Defense Counsel

Discover who serves as our defense counsel and intercedes for us before our Father and God, the judge, in his court in heaven. Read Now

Entering God’s Court

Learn why we have the right to approach God in his court to address problems and charges brought against us by our accuser. Read Now

Statutes and Evidence

Do you know why God records his will for us and what we do in life in heavenly books? Or why those books are different from the book of life? Find out why. Read Now

Silencing the Accuser

The Bible reveals three specific steps we can use to silence the accuser, Satan, when he brings legal charges against us before God. Read Now

Presenting Our Case

When the accuser brings accusations against us, we’ll be effective in petitioning or presenting our case before God if we follow specific protocols. Read Now

Enforcing God’s Verdict

After presenting our case to God and receiving his verdict against Satan our accuser, enforcing the verdict requires us to take specific steps. Read Now


Our Covenant Relationship with God

Entering God’s New Covenant

The New Testament describes how Jesus made it possible for us to enter the new covenant relationship with God and be reconciled with him. Read Now

Covenant Terms

As with all covenants, our relationship with God includes specific covenant terms or responsibilities for both him and us. Read Now

Covenant Identity

Discover why it was necessary for Jesus to lay aside his divine nature and become fully human, and how that is relevant to covenant identity. Read Now

Covenant Blessings

Consider some of the many covenant blessings we receive from God, and how much he is blessed by what he receives from us. Read Now

Covenant Curses

Many believe there are no covenant curses or penalties for those who accept Jesus as Savior, that we remain in covenant regardless of what we do, but do we? Read Now

Covenant Service and Protection

We rely on God to meet our needs and protect us from harm, but we also provide him with covenant service and protection in surprising ways. Read Now

Covenant Authority

Discover the process that grants God and us the legal covenant authority to use the other’s power and resources as needed. Read Now

The Old Covenant and Law of Moses

Discover the relationship between the Law of Moses and the Old Covenant God made with Israel, and whether either is relevant to Christians. Read Now

Purposes and Results of the Law of Moses

The Law of Moses had specific purposes and produced its intended results, which ultimately led to Jesus and the new covenant. Read Now

The New Covenant Versus the Old

Discover the radical differences between the new covenant and the old, and the many ways the new one makes the old one obsolete. Read Now

The Old Testament’s Value

The Old Testament continues to have great value for everyone, regardless of their spiritual condition or relationship with God. Read Now

The Kingdoms and the Covenants (chart)

Christian Activism in America

It’s Time for Christian Activism in America

Discover how Bible-based Christian activism will enable us to be a positive influence in our nation and the Christian community throughout the world. Read now

America’s Spiritual Civil War

America is experiencing a spiritual civil war between two kingdoms, and there are practical ways for Christians to represent God’s kingdom in the conflict. Read now

Practical Spiritual Tactics

Discover the spiritual cause of the social and political turmoil in America, and the spiritual tactics we must use to target the cause, not the symptoms. Read now

Biblical Values in the Political Realm

Biblical values supersede those of secular culture, so we should consider which values are directly relevant and how to present them in the political realm. Read now

It’s Us, Not Them

It’s easy for American Christians to blame others for the many problems that threaten our nation, but most of those are merely symptoms. Symptoms of what? Read now

Responding to a Changing Culture

America’s changing culture no longer supports biblical values, yet Christians can eagerly anticipate specific good things God will do. Read now

Wake Up and Get Ready

A new Great Awakening already is beginning and conflict between the spiritual kingdoms is increasing, so what must we do to get ready? Read now

Cultural Relevance, Lost and Regained

Discover why the American church has lost its cultural relevance and impact on people’s lives, and why our nation needs us to do more than “have church.” Read now

A Time of Hope and Grace

Despite increasing problems in the world, followers of Jesus can experience great hope and grace, so we can serve those who have no hope and need our help. Read now


Social Issues

A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense

What does the Bible say about self-defense? Is it acceptable for us as Christians to defend ourselves, our families or strangers? Read now, View book info

A Biblical Perspective of Civil Disobedience

Is civil disobedience appropriate for us as Christians? Must we obey corrupt government or ungodly laws? What does submitting to authorities mean in the Bible? Read now, View book info



Biblical Repentance

Christians agree repentance is a key to salvation, but is it also relevant to daily Christian life? Find out and discover what biblical repentance really is. Read now

Changing Our Attitude

We have a vital role in becoming Christlike: changing our attitude or mindset. God will help us, but we need to understand how much is our responsibility. Read now

Repenting is for Believers

The New Testament directs most of its statements about repenting to believers. Learn what that reveals about God’s intent for us. Read now

Believing by Choice

We decide what and who we’ll believe, so believing God’s truths is a matter of choice. Discover how he responds to people’s disbelief. Read now

Forgiving When it Hurts

Offenses and injuries happen in life and forgiving those who hurt us is a choice. Discover why we can forgive and the benefits we experience when we do. Read now

Who and How to Forgive

God shows us how to forgive those who hurt us – other believers, non-Christians, or our children – whether they did it intentionally or not. Read now

Thankful for What?

How can understanding that God works all events together to produce compounded benefits for us cause us to be thankful in and for everything? Read now

Aliens in Human Bodies

How does our citizenship in heaven make us aliens to the world system and affect our relationship with inhabitants of the earth? Read now

An Integrated Guidance System

God uses specific elements to provide the guidance we need for all of life’s decisions, a clearly-defined system to reveal his will and what’s best for us. Read now

Personal Success

In our culture, success usually wears a dollar sign, but how does the Bible define personal success and what can we do achieve it? Read now

Being Perfect While Becoming Perfect

Discover how to be perfect according to God’s standards, and why being perfect is a process rather than the result of what we do. Read now

Holiness Is Integrity

Learn how our holiness is related to God’s purpose for our lives, and how it’s both a completed fact and a continuing process. Read now

How Do You Feel About That?

Find out how our feelings, emotions and desires will change as we transform our minds and become increasingly like Jesus. Read now

Proper Judgment

Despite Christian teaching that we should never judge others, the Bible reveals why it’s important for us to exercise proper judgment. Read now


Biblical End Times



  • Beginning of Birth Pains: worldwide turmoil
  • Great Distress/Tribulation: abomination of desolation, Satan’s/world’s wrath against Israel, Jerusalem trampled 42 months, 2 witnesses
  • Cosmic Disturbance: sun black, moon red, stars fall, earth shaken, terrain changes, seas roaring; likely an earth impact
  • Day of the Lord: Lord removes the church, 144,000 Jews marked, great multitude in heaven, God’s wrath, Lord returns to set up kingdom, battle of Armageddon, Babylon destroyed, Satan into the Abyss, Jesus’ 1000-year reign, new covenant’s blessings for Israel, Satan and unbelievers to eternal punishment
  • Eternity: new heaven, new earth, new Jerusalem, God dwells with his people

Charts (PDF format)

  • Sequence of end-times events, briefly identifies key timing clues
  • Detailed chart, alignment of major Bible end-times prophecies; key timing clues identified in red

Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath Rapture

Most people believe the “rapture” will happen before the Great Tribulation occurs and is imminent. This article presents a very different biblical view. Read now

The Beginning of Birth Pains

Discover what will characterize the period Jesus called the “beginning of birth pains,” the first phase of the biblical end times. Read now

The Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation in Bible end-times prophecy will be the most distressing period in human history, when an international force will devastate Israel. Read now

Cosmic Disturbance

What likely will cause the widespread, cosmic devastation described in the Bible between the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord? Read now

The Day of the Lord

Knowing what happens on the Day of the Lord is a key to understanding the biblical end times, because it’s the most significant period of the last days. Read now

Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening and Spiritual Conflict

A spiritual awakening has begun, an unprecedented move of God in which miracles will be commonplace and the extraordinary will be typical among ordinary people. Read now

Authoritative Prayer Strategy for Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening

A new spiritual awakening has been begun in isolated spots around the world and we can help it spread to every nation and community with prayer. Read now

America in Bible Prophecy

As Americans, one of the first questions we have when considering Bible prophecy is whether America has a significant role in the end times. Read now

What’s Going on in America?

There’s a period of great turmoil developing in America, so it’s important for us to know what is happening and why. This may be the church’s finest hour. Read now

Dream: The Approaching Storm

What is the storm that’s approaching America, how will it affect us, are many Christians aware of it, and why is God allowing it? Read now

A Strategy for the Times

If problems seem to be increasing in almost every part of life, what biblical strategy will help prepare us so we’ll be safe in God’s care and confident in him? Read now

Emergency Preparations

Times Square Church Emergency Preparedness Plan from God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression, by David Wilkerson (1998). Read now


Israel’s End-Times Relevance

The People

God has not broken his covenant with Israel, contrary to replacement theology or supersessionism, but will replace it with an everlasting covenant in the future. Read now

The Land

God claims the land of Israel as his own and gave it to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a gift, an everlasting inheritance. Read now

The Capital

Jerusalem is important to God and a key to end-times events. Jesus will reign from the current city for 1000 years, then from new Jerusalem forever. Read now

The Festivals

The details and timing of the Jewish festivals provide insight to God’s plan for Israel, the church, his kingdom on earth and major events of the end times. Read now

The Future Wars

There is scriptural evidence for three major Middle East wars against Israel in the future (as of 2021), the first involving its immediate neighbors. Read now

A Prayer of Blessing for Israel

This is a prayer of blessing based on Isaiah 61 and 62, asking God to bless the land of Israel, its people and Jerusalem its capital. Read now




Children of God

Discover what it means to be sons and daughters or children of God, and how becoming born again transforms us into new creations. Read now

The Bride of Christ?

In this article, we examine relevant Scriptures to discover what the Bible says about the identity of the bride of Christ. Read now

A Sinner Saved by Grace?

Discover how much evidence there is in the Bible proving Christians are sinners saved by grace, as many Christians believe. Read now

Regardless of What You’re Doing

Why we should learn to rely on God, even in our areas of expertise. Read now

Human Dignity

What is the source of human dignity, and how should that affect our perspective of people and the way we interact with them? Read now

Multiplying Our Insight

The Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13 contains important insight that many of us may overlook due to the translation of a key word. Read now

We Can Recover!

Learn how we can recover from personal burnout caused by pandemic-related issues in America, such as extended lock-downs, job layoffs and civil unrest. Read now