Christian Activism in America

Christians should be a positive influence in America’s changing culture by supporting biblical values in every aspect of life with godly character.

It’s Time for Christian Activism in America

Discover how Bible-based Christian activism will enable us to be a positive influence in our nation and the Christian community throughout the world.

America’s Spiritual Civil War

America is experiencing a spiritual civil war between two kingdoms, and there are practical ways for Christians to represent God’s kingdom in the conflict.

Practical Spiritual Tactics

Discover the spiritual cause of the social and political turmoil in America, and the spiritual tactics we must use to target the cause, not the symptoms.

Biblical Values in the Political Realm

Biblical values supersede those of secular culture, so we should consider which values are directly relevant and how to present them in the political realm.

It’s Us, Not Them

It’s easy for American Christians to blame others for the many problems that threaten our nation, but most of those are merely symptoms. Symptoms of what?

Responding to a Changing Culture

America’s changing culture no longer supports biblical values, yet Christians can eagerly anticipate specific good things God will do.

Wake Up and Get Ready

A new Great Awakening already is beginning and conflict between the spiritual kingdoms is increasing, so what must we do to get ready?

Cultural Relevance, Lost and Regained

Discover why the American church has lost its cultural relevance and impact on people’s lives, and why our nation needs us to do more than “have church.”

A Time of Hope and Grace

Despite increasing problems in the world, followers of Jesus can experience great hope and grace, so we can serve those who have no hope and need our help.