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As a Christian author and teacher, Larry is passionate about helping Christians become spiritually mature, conform their thinking to scripture, discover who God created them to be, and fulfill their destiny. Some of his works are available on this website, including articles, books and podcasts.

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Larry Fox is best known as a teacher and author, and his books tackle some of the tough issues Christians face today. Have you ever wondered what God’s will is for your life? What is the nature of our relationship with him? How do we transform our minds in a way that is pleasing to the Lord? What does God think about self-defense? These are not easy questions to answer, but Larry tackles these tough issues and more in his expansive teaching series and books.

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These articles are topical Bible studies that help Christians form biblical perspectives of many spiritual, personal, social, end times, and other relevant topics.

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You’ll benefit from Larry’s biblical insight and teaching style as you listen to his teaching series on a variety of relevant topics.

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This is a two-part Bible study of these very controversial social issues. The goal is to move past people’s opinions, discover relevant biblical principles and consider how they apply in our modern culture.

This self-contained workbook will help you identify the unique character God gave you. It reveals specific ways sin corrupted your character and how God will redeem it, enabling you to fulfill your life purpose.

Examine the cooperative, interdependent relationship we have with God, and how it enables us to work beyond our ability and produce extraordinary results.

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Our domains are under spiritual attack, but God gave us the resources we need to fulfill our kingdom duties and successfully resist our spiritual enemies. Find out what that means. (Reading time: 15 minutes)