Larry strives to help others become spiritually effective in life. In these recordings, he teaches Christians how to live in the spiritual realm and what that means for us today. He helps us learn what biblical covenant relationships are, develop a biblical end-times perspective and discover how we can prepare for the last days. He shows clearly from scripture that God wants us to hear his voice and know his will.

Presentations include downloads for podcasts and notes.


Bible Covenants


Our New Covenant Relationship (14 sessions)

Our relationship with God is based on covenant and we will understand that relationship only when we understand what covenants are and how they work. In this study, we will examine several Old Testament covenants to gain insight, then we will examine our covenant with God, God’s new covenant with Israel and the marriage covenant. After the introduction, we examine the typical covenant elements as they appear in each covenant, which will help us appreciate and honor our covenant relationships. Listen now


Covenants Survey (2 sessions)

A brief overview of “Our New Covenant Relationship” above. Listen now


The Kingdom and the Covenant (3 parts, 39 sessions)

Two very important Bible topics come together in this study: God’s kingdom and our covenant relationship with him. The emphasis of this series is on the current expression of God’s kingdom, how we enter it and our role in it, based on our covenant relationship. Listen now


End Times


The Future (10 sessions)

This Bible study examines our near future, from now to Jesus’ return. We’ll discover (1) what will be happening on earth, (2) what we’ll be doing, (3) the relevance of our spiritual authority and (4) what we can do now to prepare ourselves. Listen now


An End-Times Perspective (9 sessions)

We need to be aware of what is likely to happen in the end times and world events indicate they already have begun. This study will help us develop a biblical perspective of these times and suggest practical steps to prepare for them. Then we will be able to fulfill our destiny when the world needs us the most. Listen now


Spiritual Realm


How to Know God’s Voice (5 sessions)

The Bible is very clear that God wants us to hear and know his voice. Communication is essential to any relationship and our inability to hear from God seriously hinders our relationship with him. This study can help you prepare yourself to hear from him, recognize many of the ways he communicates with you and confirm it wasn’t just your imagination. Listen now


Living in the Spiritual Realm (3 parts, 28 sessions)

We already live in the spiritual realm, though many of us don’t realize it. This Bible study shows us how to operate more effectively in that realm and how to deal more effectively with beings from both spiritual kingdoms. Listen now


Human Structure


Human Spirit, Soul and Body (9 sessions)

This is a Bible study of our three human parts, identifying the primary characteristics and functions of each. Our goal is to gain more insight to what the Bible says about us, what we must change with God’s help, what will remain basically the same and what we should expect to grow. Listen now


Other Topics


Lessons from God’s Delays (1 session)

This is Larry’s testimony and teaching about the nature of tests and their purposes. Listen now


Redeeming Your Character (1 session)

Based on his book, “Making the Transition,” Larry describes how sin perverts the character God gave us and how we can work with him to redeem it. Listen now


What’s Happening in America? How Should We Respond? (1 session)

A survey of financial credit cycles, biblical Jubilee, threats to America and a recommended personal strategy (spiritual and financial). Presented November 2012, even more relevant today. Listen now