End-Times Relevance of Israel

Discover why Israel is relevant to biblical end-times prophecies, including why it will be the center of God’s plan and world events.

The People

God has not broken his covenant with Israel, contrary to replacement theology or supersessionism, but will replace it with an everlasting covenant in the future.

The Land

God claims the land of Israel as his own and gave it to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as a gift, an everlasting inheritance.

The Capital

Jerusalem is important to God and a key to end-times events. Jesus will reign from the current city for 1000 years, then from new Jerusalem forever.

The Festivals

The details and timing of the Jewish festivals provide insight to God’s plan for Israel, the church, his kingdom on earth and major events of the end times.

The Future Wars

There is scriptural evidence for three major Middle East wars against Israel in the future (as of 2021), the first involving its immediate neighbors.

A Prayer of Blessing for Israel

This is a prayer of blessing based on Isaiah 61 and 62, asking God to bless the land of Israel, its people and Jerusalem its capital.