Spiritual Laws

Spiritual laws govern the physical and spiritual realms, define what we’re able to do and cause our actions to produce related results.

Introduction to Spiritual Laws

The purpose of this series of articles is to examine some of the spiritual laws found in the Bible that govern our lives.

Spiritual Law of Action and Results

Learn how the spiritual law of action and results causes what we do to be effective in both the spiritual and physical realms.

Spiritual Law of Blessing Israel and the Jews

Discover whether the spiritual law of blessing Israel and the Jews is relevant today, and whether we should honor the promises God made to them.

Spiritual Law of Contact

Discover how the spiritual law of contact causes us to interact with each other on multiple levels, often without being aware of it.

Spiritual Law of Exchange

The spiritual law of exchange is a key to our relationship with God because he receives our sins, weaknesses and illnesses in exchange for what we need.

Spiritual Law of Faith

The spiritual law of faith reveals whether our faith is genuine, not by whether what we have faith for what happens, but because it affects our behavior.

Spiritual Law of Increase

The spiritual law of increase may be one of the most important spiritual laws and it’s relevant to every aspect of our lives.

Spiritual Law of Reciprocity

Discover how the spiritual law of reciprocity, also know as the law of sowing and reaping, produces results dependent on what we do and why we do it.

Spiritual Law of Regeneration

When we sacrifice something important for the sake of God’s kingdom, the spiritual law of regeneration produces benefits for us in this life and eternity.

Spiritual Law of Separation

Discover how God intends for a Christian’s character, behavior and spiritual status to reflect the spiritual law of separation.

Spiritual Law of Sin and Death

What is the spiritual law of sin and death, to whom does it apply, and how is it related to God’s standard of righteousness?

Spiritual Law of Synergy

Consider how God uses the spiritual law of synergy, causing everything we experience to produce compounded results for us.