The Kingdom and the Covenant

This article series examines two important and inseparable topics: God’s kingdom and our covenant relationship with him. We’ll discover how the new covenant brings us into his kingdom and the kingdom provides all the covenant’s benefits.

Part 1 — Two Inseparable Topics

God’s Kingdom

God’s eternal kingdom is his domain and the context for everything he does. He rules sovereignly over everything and every being that exists in every realm. Read now

What is a Covenant?

Discover why covenant is an important theme in the Bible, why it’s essential to our relationship with God, and why it changes how we think and behave. Read now

Covenants in the Bible

The covenants in the Bible, including those between people and those God makes, reveal the strength and beauty of our covenant relationship with God. Read now

God’s Kingdom and the New Covenant

(In progress)


Part 2 — Covenant Elements