Biblical End Times

The Bible describes the end times as the beginning of birth pains, the great tribulation, the end of the current world system and the transition to Jesus’ kingdom on earth.


Alignment of Major Bible End-Times Prophecies (PDF)

This is a comprehensive list of end-times prophecies, grouped by categories within each end-times period and includes keys to timing of the events.

Sequence of End-Times Events (PDF)

This chart identifies key words and phrases that provide timing markers for major end-times events. The goal is to clarify the sequence and duration of events.

Sequence & Timing of Major Bible End-Times Prophecies (PDF)

This chart shows Scripture passages that reveal the timing of major end-times events, which support a post-trib, pre-wrath rapture.


Post-Trib, Pre-Wrath Rapture

Most people believe the “rapture” will happen before the Great Tribulation occurs and is imminent. This article presents a different pre-wrath rapture view.

The Beginning of Birth Pains

Discover what will characterize the period Jesus called the “beginning of birth pains,” the first phase of the biblical end times.

The Great Tribulation

The Great Tribulation in Bible end-times prophecy will be the most distressing period in human history, when an international force will devastate Israel.

Cosmic Disturbance

What likely will cause the widespread, cosmic devastation described in the Bible between the “great tribulation” and the “day of the Lord”?

The Day of the Lord

Knowing what happens on the day of the Lord is a key to understanding the biblical end times, because it’s the most significant period of the last days.

Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening and Spiritual Conflict

A spiritual awakening has begun, an unprecedented move of God in which people will experience God’s nature, power and authority as never before.

Authoritative Prayer Stragety for Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening

A new spiritual awakening has been begun in isolated spots around the world and we can help it spread to every nation and community with prayer.

America in Bible Prophecy

As Americans, one of the first questions we have when considering Bible prophecy is whether America has a significant role in the end times.

What’s Going on in America?

There’s a period of great turmoil developing in America, so it’s important for us to know what is happening and why. This may be the church’s finest hour.

Dream: The Approaching Storm

What is the storm that’s approaching America, how will it affect us, are many Christians aware of it, and why is God allowing it?

A Strategy for the Times

If problems seem to be increasing in almost every part of life, what biblical strategy will help prepare us so we’ll be safe in God’s care and confident in him?

Emergency Preparations

Times Square Church Emergency Preparedness Plan, from “God’s Plan to Protect His People in the Coming Depression,” by David Wilkerson (1998).