Dream: The Approaching Storm

[Reading time: 1 minute] In a dream, I (Larry Fox) was seated with several friends at an outside event, when I saw a storm on the horizon. It had a well-defined column reaching the ground, like intense rainfall or a very broad tornado. The clouds above it were almost overhead, spread across the horizon and churned like boiling liquid. The storm column was a great distance away but slowly moving toward us. I pointed the storm out to people nearby, but only a few seemed casually interested; most were completely indifferent.

The dream’s meaning seems clear. I see increasing turmoil in every aspect of American society, economy, weather, geology and government, yet most Christians are preoccupied with their own agendas. Very few people I talk with seem aware of or concerned about the major threats developing.

I’ve been talking and writing about the unprecedented spiritual awakening that’s beginning worldwide and the flood of evil and perversion that will follow. I’m also aware most people won’t turn to God for anything unless they’re experiencing severe problems they can’t solve and have no alternative solutions. I’m convinced God will allow – not cause – devastating events to occur in the U.S. to encourage people to turn to him, and we’re seeing evidence the storm is approaching.

I believe God’s love and mercy motivate him to allow these events to occur, because he knows most Christians aren’t spiritually strong enough to resist the unimaginable evil and perversion Satan will release on the world. God will use the approaching storm to draw us to himself so we’ll grow up spiritually. That will prepare us to not just spiritually survive the flood of evil following the awakening, but faithfully represent God’s love and mercy to a sinful world.

Now is the best time to turn away from our worldly attitudes and behavior, and prepare ourselves so God can develop us. Romans 8:28-29 says he uses all our experiences for our benefit and the greatest benefit is being conformed to Jesus’ image, making him the firstborn of many like him. We prepare ourselves for this by engaging in even basic spiritual disciplines like daily Bible reading and prayer.

Please don’t put it off any longer. Accept responsibility for your spiritual growth. Begin now to do your part and allow God to do his. You won’t regret it.

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