Authoritative Prayer Strategy for Unprecedented Worldwide Awakening

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I invite you to join me in the following prayer strategy.

Step 1 — Invite God to pour out his Spirit as he said:

  • He’ll release his nature, power and authority in his people around the world as never before in history, more powerfully than on the day of Pentecost.
  • Believers will be repulsed by sin and turn to God with all their hearts; they’ll be zealous for him, radically transformed into his image.
  • He’ll work through every believer, not a select few.
  • They’ll see him at work in everything they do, perform miracles, experience all the covenant blessings.

Step 2 — Declare all the above to the spiritual realm, then affirm it.

Step 3 — Command evil spirits affecting your domain to submit to God. Your domain includes yourself, your family, your job/business/ministry, your property and any other sphere of authority God has assigned to you.

Step 4 — Declare blessing of spiritual deliverance, cleansing and wholeness for people in your domain.

Step 5 — Pray with your spirit.


  • Pray out loud so you can hear yourself praying, because that helps change your thinking.
  • Ask God to begin the awakening in your church and community with you.

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