The True Nature of Our Spiritual Warfare

To be effective in spiritual warfare and conflict, we must understand its legal nature, the primary individuals involved, and what our responsibilities are.

A Legal Conflict, Not a Battlefield

The nature of spiritual warfare changed at the cross and we must understand the true nature of that conflict to experience the results described in Scripture.

The Judge

The Bible clearly portrays God as the Judge of all, who delivers righteous judgments and verdicts from his heavenly court in all matters.

The Prosecutor

Learn the identity of the one who initiates legal action as a prosecutor in God’s court and brings formal charges against us.

The Defense Counsel

Discover who serves as our defense counsel and intercedes for us before our Father and God, the judge, in his court in heaven.

Entering God’s Court

Learn why we have the right to approach God in his court to address problems and charges brought against us by our accuser.

Statutes and Evidence

Do you know why God records his will for us and what we do in life in heavenly books? Or why those books are different from the book of life? Find out why.

Silencing the Accuser

The Bible reveals three specific steps we can use to silence the accuser, Satan, when he brings legal charges against us before God.

Presenting Our Case

When the accuser brings accusations against us, we’ll be effective in petitioning or presenting our case before God if we follow specific protocols.

Enforcing God’s Verdict

After presenting our case to God and receiving his verdict against Satan our accuser, enforcing the verdict requires us to take specific steps.