Other Articles You’ll Want to Read

These are some thought-provoking articles that don’t fit in other categories (see our article page) but relate to issues many Christians wonder about today.

A Biblical Perspective of Self-Defense

What does the Bible say about self-defense? Is it acceptable for us as Christians to defend ourselves, our families or strangers?

A Biblical Perspective of Civil Disobedience

Is civil disobedience appropriate for us as Christians? Must we obey corrupt government or ungodly laws? What does submitting to authorities mean in the Bible?

Children of God

Discover what it means to be sons and daughters or children of God, and how becoming born again transforms us into new creations.

The Bride of Christ?

Many Christians believe the church is the bride of Christ, but is that accurate according to Scripture?

A Sinner Saved by Grace?

Discover how much evidence there is in the Bible proving Christians are sinners saved by grace, as many Christians believe.

Regardless of What You’re Doing

Why we should learn to rely on God, even in our areas of expertise.

Human Dignity

What is the source of human dignity, and how should that affect our perspective of people and the way we interact with them?

Multiplying Our Insight

The Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13 contains important insight that many of us may overlook due to translation of a key word.

We Can Recover!

Learn how we can recover from personal burnout caused by pandemic-related issues in America, such as extended lock-downs, job layoffs and civil unrest.

Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?

Read these relevant Scriptures and decide for yourself whether Christians can fall away from God and lose their salvation.