Christian Repentance

The need for repentance doesn’t end at salvation, because the New Testament identifies many areas in which Christians need to repent daily.

Biblical Repentance

Christians agree repentance is a key to salvation, but is it also relevant to daily Christian life? Find out and discover what biblical repentance really is.

Changing Our Attitude

We have a vital role in becoming Christlike: changing our attitude or mindset. God will help us, but we need to understand how much is our responsibility.

Repenting is for Believers

The New Testament directs most of its statements about repenting to believers. Learn what that reveals about God’s intent for us.

Believing by Choice

We decide what and who we’ll believe, so believing God’s truths is a matter of choice. Discover how he responds to people’s disbelief.

Forgiving When it Hurts

Offenses and injuries happen in life and forgiving those who hurt us is a choice. Discover why we can forgive and the benefits we experience when we do.

Who and How to Forgive

God shows us how to forgive those who hurt us – other believers, non-Christians, or our children – whether they did it intentionally or not.

Thankful for What?

How can understanding that God works all events together to produce compounded benefits for us cause us to be thankful in and for everything?

Aliens in Human Bodies

How does our citizenship in heaven make us aliens to the world system and affect our relationship with inhabitants of the earth?

An Integrated Guidance System

God uses specific elements to provide the guidance we need for all of life’s decisions, a clearly-defined system to reveal his will and what’s best for us.

Personal Success

In our culture, success usually wears a dollar sign, but how does the Bible define personal success and what can we do achieve it?

Being Perfect While Becoming Perfect

Discover how to be perfect according to God’s standards, and why being perfect is a process rather than the result of what we do.

Holiness Is Integrity

Learn how our holiness is related to God’s purpose for our lives, and how it’s both a completed fact and a continuing process.

How Do You Feel About That?

Find out how our feelings, emotions and desires will change as we transform our minds and become increasingly like Jesus.

Proper Judgment

Despite Christian teaching that we should never judge others, the Bible reveals why it’s important for us to exercise proper judgment.