Introduction to Spiritual Kingdom Warfare

Reading Time: 1 minute

All the conflict we experience in life either directly or indirectly has a spiritual origin. There are two spiritual kingdoms and they have been engaged in kingdom warfare for millennia. Eventually, one will eliminate the other. Every human is a citizen of one of those kingdoms and is actively involved in that conflict. But, because we’re focused on our earthly existence and largely unaware of the spiritual realm, we don’t realize we’re relatively minor participants in a much larger conflict that’s not even about us. We desperately need to become aware of the bigger picture.

In this Bible study, we’ll examine the nature of God’s and Satan’s kingdoms, how the warfare began, and what it’s about. We need to understand why the hostility on earth exists and will continue escalating to the end, so we can address the actual causes – as well as the people involved – and achieve results that honor God. Otherwise, we’ll focus on the people we think are causing the problem and likely become increasingly frustrated as their hostility continues to grow; which it will. We’ll discover how the attitudes and behavior of Satan’s followers are expressions of his own. With all of this as background, we’ll examine how we, as God’s family and citizens of his kingdom, must engage in the conflict as representatives and images of the King we serve.

Developing a kingdom perspective and seeing the reality of the spiritual conflict will motivate us to become spiritually mature and accept our responsibilities as citizens of God’s kingdom. As we do so, we’ll learn how to serve the King of kings and Lord of lords more faithfully. And we’ll eagerly participate in his victory and celebrate its conclusion.

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