Daily Worship

(Reading time: 1 minute) Father, no one is like you in any realm that exists – almighty (absolute authority and control), eternal (no beginning and no end), omnipotent (able to do whatever you choose, perfectly and without limitation), omnipresent (able to be everywhere you choose simultaneously), and omniscient (fully aware of every being, object and force that exists). You are absolutely unique, the only true God, and worthy of all honor and glory and praise.

You spoke our entire universe into existence – space, time, energy, matter, stars, planets, earth, plants and animals.

You created us in your image and likeness, to look and be like you, to think and act like you; to be your peers, as much as created beings can be peers of their Creator. You honored us by making us the supreme beings of all creation, setting us above the angels, crowning us with glory like your own, and giving us free will and our own domain to rule over.

Though we became self-centered and rebelled against you, in your love and mercy you sent your only Son to become a human, die for our sin, and reconcile us to yourself. Through his death, burial and resurrection, we can be saved from our sin, enter covenant with you, become your children, and inherit your kingdom. Even in all this you honor our free will.

Lord God, you are holy and just, what you do is great and marvelous, and your love for us is beyond our comprehension.

Every being in heaven, on earth and under the earth will bow before you and confess that you alone are Lord. Throughout eternity, all the nations of earth will worship and honor you.

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