Book Reviews: Paranormal and UFOs

UFO Disclosure: The 70-Year Coverup Exposed

L.A. Marzulli (©2018); Rating: 5

I’ve followed L.A.’s work enough to trust what he presents in conferences, films, videos and books. He investigates what most of us would not or cannot, then shows us what we need to know. He’s a supernaturalist who understands how beings from the spiritual realm affect us in the physical realm from the book of Genesis to today. He also understands our spiritual authority and how to use it when encountering evil spiritual beings. His reputation gives him access to experts in related fields who can provide insight or documented evidence. UFO Disclosure is an easy but informative read that describes what began at Roswell in 1948 and continues to the present. It includes a plausible hypothesis of how previously secret information is now being released to the public to prepare us for a grand unveiling of alleged ETs who promise to solve our world’s problems. Every Christian needs to read this book to understand the spiritual deception that’s in progress.

Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters: Compelling Evidence of the Incursion of Giants, Their Extraordinary Technology & Imminent Return

Stephen Quayle & Dr. Thomas R. Horn (©2017); Rating: 4

While I’m skeptical of some of the authors’ assumptions, such as the Genesis 1 gap theory and the existence of pre-Adamic human races, I find their research and proposed explanations very intriguing. The book would have been impossible to put down if it weren’t 470 pages long, but you’ll want to come back for more. The authors identify similarities in folklore, myths, ancient writings and petroglyphs from around the world, and compare them with the Bible, archeological and scientific findings. Their amazing amount of research leads to very clear conclusions and plausible explanations. The book provides lots of food for thought.

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