Book Reviews: Socialism, Communism and Marxism

Klaus Schwab, the Third Reich and the COVID-19 Holocaust

Billy Crone (©2022); Rating: 4

The premise of this book is startling, yet believable due to the amount of evidence it presents. My investigation of the World Economic Forum’s website supports the author’s position regarding Klaus Schwab’s goal of world governance. If you want to understand what the globalists are doing and why, this book is important reading. It contains nearly 300 pages, so there’s a lot to digest. I’d like to rate it as a “five” but the amount of material, some of which clearly is imaginary or speculative, and the rather amateurish presentation style reduce the rating.

Marxism’s Strategy for Destroying America

Dr. Rick Joyner (©2021); Rating: 5

As a young man, Rick Joyner was a Marxist. However, he began noticing that Marxism does the opposite of what it claims, which led him to investigate it more deeply. He now presents Marxism as “history’s greatest deception” and exposes the lies in its propaganda. In this book, he reveals how the current ideology mirrors the evil of its founder and followers. He also describes in detail the Marxist 45-part plan for destroying America and it’s astounding to see how many of them are evident today. If you’re puzzled by what’s happening in America and around the world, you need to read this book. It’s an eye-opener.

American Marxism

Mark Levin (©2021); Rating: 5

Mark Levin has produced an in-depth reference on the American version of Marxism currently being forced on virtually every aspect of our culture. He explains the background, motives and strategies of those engaged in this attempt to destroy the nation using direct quotes from their own writings, with more than 500 end notes. My favorite chapter is the last one, in which he offers specific, proven suggestions for what we as American citizens can and must do to stop the anarchy and restore the republic we value. That chapter is far more helpful than other materials I’ve read and is worth the cost of the book. Please study this book and take action!

We Will Not Be Silenced

Erwin Lutzer (©2020); Rating: 5

The escalating assaults against American values have a common source, an ideology that requires its adherents to silence and cancel all other systems. Erwin Lutzer shows how today’s “progressives” or socialists are actually cultural Marxists and explains how they’re using Marxist tactics to overcome American government and culture. The author offers valuable insight not found in other books on this topic: specific steps Christians can use to counter these assaults. This is valuable insight.

Socialists Don’t Sleep: Christians Must Rise or America Will Fall

Cheryl K. Chumley (©2021); Rating: 5

The author reveals how socialists in both American political parties have been chipping away at our American freedoms for decades. She’s a certified private investigator and an award-winning conservative journalist with a reputation for tracking down government corruption. If you’re looking for evidence of socialism’s increasing intrusion into every area of American life, this exposé is the resource you need.

Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

David Horowitz (©2018); Rating: 5+

This book definitely is an eye-opener. The author, by admission, is an agnostic and clearly describes the background, ideology and motivations of today’s “progressives.” Raised in a leftist family and culture, he can accurately explain why leftists are adamantly opposed to America and its Judeo-Christian foundation, and how they justify imposing their “solutions” to alleged social sins on others by force, including people they propose to save. Viewing themselves as social redeemers, they view Christians’ concern for salvation of souls a form of social oppression, an obstacle to the leftist vision of an idealistic future. This book is an astounding explanation of what’s behind the increasing opposition to Christianity in America.

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