Book Reviews: Israel

Eye to Eye: Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel

William Koenig (©2008); Rating: 5

This is an outstanding compilation of record-setting problems in America coinciding with its actions against Israel. Why would America suffer so much for pressuring Israel to divide its land for a “two-state solution”? Because we’re Israel’s strongest ally and Israel needs us, so we receive full consequences for pressuring them to compromise with enemies committed to annihilating them. This is a convincing presentation that reveals America’s future unless she once again treats Israel as a trusted and valuable ally. The author is a professional correspondent with access to the highest levels of American government, so the book is expertly researched and written.

As America Has Done to Israel

John McTernan (©2008); Rating: 4

The author presents the historical perspective of the relationship between America and Israel, then shows how major events in America correspond to its treatment of Israel. America was blessed when it honored Israel and had major problems when it treated Israel poorly. The author convincingly shows America’s mistreatment of Israel places her on a “collision course with God.” Part Two of the book explores Bible prophecies about Israel’s future.

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