Book Reviews: End Times and World Events

The Josiah Manifesto: The Ancient Mystery & Guide for the End Times

Jonathan Cahn (©2023); Rating: 4

The parallels between events in ancient Israel and contemporary America are amazing. The author gives detailed descriptions of the Jewish and American leaders involved, the identical cultural and religious circumstances they faced, and how their actions produced the same results. I marvel at how God uses human free will, yet causes people to perform the same act on the same date thousands of years apart. Or how he has people today unknowingly perform key related actions within hours or minutes of each other. My only objection to the book is its extreme detail, which can be confusing and even overwhelming. Possibly the most important chapter, “Kingdom of the Lamb,” discusses what our priorities and responses must be today as God’s people. That chapter is a must read and could be a separate book.

Kings of the East: China’s Plan to Eliminate America and Impose a Communist World Order

LTC Robert L. Maginnis (©2022); Rating: 5

The author has a military intelligence background, making him uniquely qualified to explain the geopolitical events that shape our world. This book is an in-depth study of China’s inner workings and goals to not only restore the nation’s glory but become the dominant world power. It describes China’s plans to create a new world order based on the nation’s economy, ideology, military, geopolitical agenda and technology. As you read these chapters, you’ll understand why China is doing what we see in the news. The book’s final chapters address China’s likely end-times role. The material is detailed, well-explained and supported by 1,030 end notes.

The End of America: The Role of Islam in the End Times and Biblical Warnings to Flee America

John Price (Second Edition, ©2020); Rating: 4

This is an excellent presentation of Islam’s beliefs about the “Last Day,” one of five basic tenets of faith for Muslims. Of particular interest to me was the chapter comparing the Quran’s and the Bible’s end-times prophecies. Muslims anticipate the appearance the Mahdi, a political and military leader who will lead Muslims in world conquest, and the Dajjal, who will enforce the Mahdi’s commands by executing those who disobey. The author’s comparison of the Bible’s Antichrist and the Quran’s Mahdi should open the eyes of any Bible-literate Christian. Jihadists believe they have a mandate to destroy America, the “Great Satan,” and are implementing their long-term plans to do so. Understanding their strategy makes their progress obvious. The author documents this very effectively. Having examined the Quran’s tenets and its prophecies of the Last Day in my own studies, I believe the author’s insights are accurate.

The Wormwood Prophecy

Thomas Horn (©2019); Rating: 4

The author combines recent scientific discoveries and biblical end-times prophecies to present a plausible, if not likely description of possible future events. Regardless of one’s interpretation of biblical prophecies, including when certain events occur, this book is an in-depth investigation of some of the cosmic dangers that threaten us. The reader may have to wade through pages of scientific details and differing prophetic interpretations, but the book is an insightful “heads up” warning and a worthwhile read.

The Final Roman Emperor, the Islamic Antichrist, and the Vatican’s Last Crusade

Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam (©2016); Rating 4

The authors explore the fundamental beliefs of Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity and Islam to show the basis for various eschatological views and how they motivate global and national leaders, militant groups and everyday people. It’s also interesting to see how ancient religions and mythology still affect people’s interpretation of their sacred texts. The authors develop a very plausible end-times scenario, showing how various eschatological beliefs might clash to produce the very events people expect.

When the Lion Roars: Understanding the Implications of Ancient Prophecies for Our Time

Carl Gallups (©2016); Rating: 4

As the Foreword states, this book doesn’t require you to hold to a specific end-times view, but it will bring to life the stark realization that we are living in the most profound days of biblical fulfillment since Jesus’ first coming. Part 3 of the book contains 24 short chapters dealing with current technological, geo-political, military and spiritual developments that fulfill biblical end-times prophecies. While most Christians seem to be spiritually asleep and waiting for some huge, instantaneous event to alert them to the end, the author points out repeatedly that prophecy unfolds most often in many small, relatively insignificant steps. The book is well-documented and definitely achieves the author’s goal of presenting clear evidence these are the last days.

Forbidden Gates: The Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare

Thomas and Nita Horn (©2010); Rating: 5

Many of us who read reports of GRIN technologies consider them simply the latest advances in science and technology; a little unusual, maybe, but potentially beneficial and worth pursuing. This book, however, is a definite eye-opener for anyone with an understanding of humanity’s compulsion to be like God – beginning in the Garden of Eden – the great flood and its cause, and the continuing war between the two spiritual kingdoms climaxing in the last days. The authors lead us to solid conclusions based on scientific research and biblical insight. Whether researchers in these technologies have altruistic or malevolent motives may not matter, because the results likely will be the same: a new phase of spiritual warfare affecting literally everyone on earth. Yes, this material can be deeply disturbing, but the final chapter reveals the other side of the story for those who prepare themselves spiritually.

Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs

Mark Biltz (©2014); Rating: 4

I appreciate the author’s in-depth research and explanations, and I understand his enthusiasm about his discoveries. His humility about his findings is both refreshing and admirable. His research is thorough, which is essential for a topic like this; it’s a great investigative blend of science, the Bible and Jewish teachings. I’ve read other materials on the blood moons, and Mark Biltz’s book is the most thorough and authoritative work I’ve seen, which is appropriate because he originally introduced the topic. The only detraction is how long it takes him to get to the subject.

Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change

John Hagee (©2013); Rating: 4

This book by John Hagee is inspired by the work of Mark Biltz, but published the year before Biltz’s book. It describes the events experienced by the Jews around the rare occurrences of blood moon tetrads occurring on the Feasts of the Lord, accompanied by total solar eclipses in 1493-94, 1949-1950 and 1967-68. He skillfully presents historical narratives that help the reader understand the great significance of those periods for the Jews and Israel. He then demonstrates this same rare phenomenon will occur in 2014-15, but this time it coincides with a Shemitah year, which is “astronomically rare,” in the author’s words. Given the unquestionable significance of previous blood moon tetrads and the much greater significance likely for this one, Hagee examines biblical prophecies and Israel’s current status in the world to conclude, “Something big is about to happen!”

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