Book Reviews: Dreams and Visions

The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions

Adam F. Thompson & Adrian Beale (©2011); Rating: 5

This ranks among the best books I have seen on interpreting dreams and visions. It’s a comprehensive resource, yet is written clearly so it’s useful as a first book on the subject or an addition to a library. The authors’ main premise is that God is the source of dreams and visions, so the Bible is the most reliable resource for interpreting them. Every section includes biblical examples and insight. Chapters 9 and 10, dealing with principles of interpretation, seem to cover points made in other books plus several more; all of them very relevant and helpful. Three-fourths of the book is dedicated to sample dream and vision interpretations, a metaphor dictionary (one-half of the entire book!) and a name and place dictionary; all valuable resources. Because it’s written by two Australians, you may need to investigate a few terms like boom gate, nappy, pram and torch, but not many. This is a great resource!

Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams

James & Michal Ann Goll (©2006); Rating: 5

This book by James and Michal Ann Goll is possibly the most authoritative yet understandable book on dreams I have read. Every part of the book was insightful and helpful, but for me the Categories of Dreams was one of the most interesting. The definitions of intrinsic and extrinsic dreams were especially helpful. Most of our dreams are intrinsic dreams because they’re about us personally, primarily involving self-disclosure. A breakthrough for me was the description of extrinsic dreams, about our spheres of influence, which God gives us as glimpses of what’s ahead to motivate us. The Categories of Dreams and Twenty Most Common Dreams were intuitive and very useful. This is an excellent dream interpretation handbook.

Seeing the Voice of God: What God is Telling You through Dreams & Visions

Laura Harris Smith (©2014); Rating: 4

Having read several other books on dreams and visions, I benefit from each author’s perspective as I did from Laura Harris Smith’s. Her categorization of dreams is based on her experience and interpretation of scripture, so there are some differences with other authors but her presentation is solid. I like her describing how her medical investigation of dreams and personal health crises were part of her learning process, which gives the reader greater appreciation for her insight. The book covers important related topics with their scriptural basis and is an easy read.

Dreams and Visions: Understanding and Interpreting God’s Messages to You

Jane Hamon (2016 edition); Rating: 3

This book is written clearly, is easy to understand and contains very good scriptural evidences for types of dreams and visions. The author provides numerous examples of dreams and demonstrates how to interpret them. This is a great starter guide because it explains basic principles, but has little value beyond that.

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