Book Reviews: Covenants

Thy Kingdom Come: Tracing God’s Kingdom Program and Covenant Promises Throughout History

J. Dwight Pentecost (©1995); Rating: 5

Dr. Pentecost does a superb job explaining the revelation of God’s kingdom throughout history, as well as the kingdom’s relevance to the biblical covenants; a connection most people seem to miss. The book is an excellent resource for personal study, because it’s very understandable.

The Power of a Covenant Heart

David Huskins (©2000); Rating 3

Easy to read and has very short chapters. The author closely follows the Old Testament story of David and Jonathan, and explains their commitment to a covenant relationship, the most important and meaningful one we can have. I commend the author’s skill in presenting covenants, a topic virtually unknown in western cultures, drawing his main points from the biblical story. Having studied covenants in depth, however, I think the author mistakenly includes certain character traits as covenant elements, which implies we must be like David or Jonathan to enter a covenant. This misleads the reader by distorting the perspective of covenants, this most important relationship people can experience, so I gave the book only three stars.

The Power of Covenant: Stop Misunderstanding God

Craig Hill (©2015); Rating: 4

This book describes the appropriate, biblical way for Christians to deal with adversity. It explains how misunderstanding God’s sovereignty and our authority can make us conclude he is responsible for our problems or is unjust in the way he cares for us. However, a proper understanding of our covenant relationship with him will completely change the way we view adversity and respond to it.

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