Christians, Are You Ready for This?


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(Published in 2014)


I read an email from someone who participates in online groups where people share insights from their Bible studies. She wrote that in two groups, several people have begun posting disgusting and vile language, indecent pictures and ridicule for what the group members post. Two guys responded to a recent Bible insight by writing they’d have sex with Jesus.

My experience isn’t nearly that bad, but my Christian website is hit every few minutes by hackers around the world trying to break into it. These hackers aren’t necessarily anti-Christian – maybe they are, I haven’t asked them – but their activity reflects the increasing lawlessness and disrespect in the world.

These are two rather minor examples of what’s developing. We live in a corrupt and decaying world (Rom. 8:21; 2 Pet. 1:4), and those who belong to this world system are becoming increasingly intolerant of Christians and what we stand for. I see evidence of this in crude humor and spiritually-biased remarks by reporters on national news, hostile comments posted on online articles, legal action against churches and Christian-owned businesses, and TV commercials that essentially are soft pornography. While “tolerance” used to mean allowing others to believe what they want, now it requires everyone to reject beliefs in the existence of absolute truth and only one God. Our culture is deteriorating spiritually and pressure on Christian, biblical beliefs is increasing.

Are you prepared to be openly criticized, ridiculed, harassed and even confronted face-to-face in public for your Christian beliefs? If not, I suggest you begin strengthening yourself spiritually by reading your Bible, praying daily and learning to recognize God’s voice. The spiritual conflict is escalating and most Christians are not ready.

People who belong to this world system are becoming increasingly intolerant of Christians and what we stand for.

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  1. I agree with everything you have said. I find it hard to believe the avalanche of filth that keeps coming. Yes I WILL STAND UP FOR MY VALUES IN CHRIST NO MATTER WHAT. I’m in prayer that all Christians will vote. Bless American Family Radio, David Jeremiah and others who are “fighting the good fight”.

  2. Interesting that you posted this today! In the past 24hrs I have stood up for Christ several times and it is not always received like we want it to be. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we have to be intentional in our lives to stand up for what we believe and this requires great faith, prayer and putting on the armor of God daily. Am I ready? I hope so, I want to believe I am. Do I always stand up for my values? Probably not, but I certainly strive to be the woman God intended. Being good isn’t enough, knowing Him is my priority.

  3. I used to be a partner in the Persecuted Church prayer group back in the UK. Perhaps it’s time to start a group at Cornerstone to help us see that the world does not share our beliefs or values and in fact will do anything it can to eradicate the truth and those who try to be the torch bearers. The Good news is that God watches over his word to bring the harvest. We are on the winning side – keep gossiping the Gospel.

  4. Thank you for keeping us abreast of what’s going on. Yes, we need to continually pray. Even through opposition we need to be true to Christ and be a witness whether it is received or not.


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