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Daily Prayer for America (Reading time: 1 minute)

Prayer for Your Local Economy (Reading time: 1 minute)

Prayer for Local Christians (Reading time: 1 minute)

Prayer for Your Region (Reading time: 1 minute)


Daily Prayer for America

Father, I confess that I’m still self-centered and indulge my sinful attitudes. Like most Christians in America, I have little understanding of your nature and ways, I don’t fear you as I should, and I’m not as effective in your kingdom as I could be. Have mercy on me, correct me with your love, and help me embrace your nature and do the works you created me to do. Use me to liberate people from the evil that has enslaved them and bring them into your kingdom.

Continue working in Christians across our land, making us more like you and less like the world. May our love and honor for each other be obvious to everyone, and may each of us commit ourselves to spreading your love to those who need it. Purify and empower us to release your kingdom everywhere we go, transform people’s lives, and completely change our culture. May unbelievers be drawn by your nature, power and holiness in us.

Thank you for the liberties we enjoy in America. Help us become positive influences on our elected officials and government leaders. Bless them with godly wisdom for governing our country, and protect them from those who would harm them. Reveal yourself to them as the only true God. May they receive righteous counsel, dreams and revelation, and serve our nation according to your will.

Prayer for Your Local Economy

Father, we ask you to bless the business community in the ______________ area with a favorable business environment that:

  • draws established businesses and encourages development of new ones;
  • promotes wise stewardship of local resources and protects our environment;
  • and provides the needed infrastructure, capital and incentives for business expansion.

We ask for a business community that

  • is known for excellence, innovation, integrity, and quality;
  • manufacturing firms that produce quality goods needed throughout the world;
  • service businesses that meet the needs of our region;
  • research businesses that develop new technologies and products;
  • new business opportunities for entrepreneurs and small business owners;
  • skilled workers, fair wages, safe working environments, and excellent labor-management relations;
  • and expanding markets for all goods, services and technologies produced in our region.

We ask for your blessing on our businesses, jobs and local economy.

Prayer for Local Christians

Father, we ask you to bless Christians in the ______________ area. Raise up churches of all Christian denominations that honor you, seek your kingdom and righteousness, celebrate our Lord Jesus, and promote godly character among all their members. Eliminate competition and distrust among the churches. Create such a godly spiritual environment that all other spiritual activity would be driven out or made ineffective.

Help us disciple others so they’ll fulfill your purpose for their lives, be passionate about serving you, know your voice, and do the works you prepared for them to do. May we be known for godly character, love, ethics, skills, and effectiveness.

Move powerfully in our region to glorify yourself, destroy the enemy’s work, draw everyone to yourself, and cause your Spirit and fire to fall on everyone who trusts in you.

Prayer for Your Region

Father, we ask you to bless the ______________ area with favorable weather and reliable sources of clean water, healthy foods, fuel, and energy.

We ask for:

  • state and local governments known for honorable service, excellence, just laws, fair taxes and wise management;
  • a legal system that dispenses justice, honors our nation’s Constitution and laws, and produces low crime rates;
  • a media known for truth and accuracy;
  • an education system that produces graduates suitable for the needs of our nation and who will positively influence every aspect of our culture;
  • a medical community known for excellent and innovative care, that provides leadership and medical breakthroughs;
  • arts, entertainment and social culture that appeal to both young and old, and honor godly standards;
  • friendly neighborhoods that provide safe and healthy living environments;
  • suitable and affordable housing for people of all income levels, with excellent financing;
  • and support systems for individuals and families in need, that help them overcome attitudes that lead to racism, poverty, and envy.

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