Book Reviews: Godly Character and Spiritual Maturity

I See a New Prophetic Generation

Jeremiah Johnson (©2014); Rating: 5

Jeremiah Johnson is right to emphasize the importance of prophets focusing on God’s character and nature, and this applies to all Christians. We should all focus on who God is and what he’s like; not so much on his actions. This is especially important for those whose responsibility it is to speak in his behalf, such as prophets, pastors and teachers. As we discover more about who God is, we learn more about who we’re to become. What Johnson writes also applies to those of us who have prophetic motivation but don’t consider ourselves prophets; there’s a difference. We must realize the power of what such a person says in God’s behalf derives from their relationship with him, their spiritual maturity and the degree to which their words reveal God’s heart. The only way to know God’s heart is to spend lots of quality time with him. This book is an excellent guide for all prophetically-inclined people.

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