How Our Spiritual Authority Affects Our Domains

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We have spiritual authority because we bear God’s image, so we directly affect what happens in our domains, which include ourselves, our families, work and property. What we think, say or do gives either God or Satan greater authority to affect our domains.

How does this work? If my thoughts, words and actions conform to what God says, I allow him to do his work in me, which mainly involves making me more like Jesus. My thoughts, words and actions don’t produce the changes directly – which would be magic – rather, they give God permission to do what he chooses in me and my domain.

However, if I conform to the world’s ways, I limit what God can do – because he honors my free will – and I grant Satan permission to affect me. This causes or increases problems throughout my domain.

Our spiritual authority causes what we think, say or do to either allow or restrict spiritual activity in our domains, affecting everyone and everything in them. We have this authority, regardless of our spiritual maturity.

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  1. Yes and Amen….needed this. Thank you Lord…me and my family have been in a very rough place….and this really gave me some spiritual insight.

  2. Amen, Brother.


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