Why Are We Still Here?

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Why would God leave Christians on earth during the last days? For the same good reasons he has always left his people here.

We Christians are God’s representatives on earth. We conduct his kingdom business, spread the gospel to unbelievers, express his love and grace to hurting people, exercise spiritual authority against evil, and serve as the light of the world. These are our responsibilities – rather, our privileges – as kingdom representatives and we can do them, but only as we rely on him to work through us.

He also leaves us here for our benefit, as strange as that may seem. We can grow spiritually, become increasingly like him, learn to apply his kingdom principles effectively, participate in what he’s doing, and increase our reward by selflessly serving him and others in his behalf.

Yes, we eagerly look forward to the moment he gathers us out of this corrupt and decaying world. But we can be even more eager to please him and anticipate hearing him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” May that, rather than fear, be our motivation.

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  1. AMEN Brother! … Amen!

  2. Great reminder Larry, though I find that my difficulty lies in usually not knowing how that looks in a world that keeps changing terms and paradigm. How to connect without compromising the message: how to be ‘in the world but not of it.’

  3. Amen!! We have lot of praying and witnessing to do. Thank you for a great reminder of why we are still here.

  4. Like the recent sermons at Cornerstone have been about how Jesus doesn’t fit in this broken world & neither do we, even though we also don’t fit in His.

    I totally relate to Denise Armstrong’s response as well. So, I’m learning to accept that we must bear our crosses, in living selflessly for Him, sharing His love with others, loving our enemies, keeping our focus on His reward of eternal life, that starts now. Finding the joy from what He is teaching us in the suffering as well as the blessings in this life.

  5. Most times we focus on earthly blessing rather than eternally reward. Thank you for enlightening and reiterating why we are still here. It opens my eyes to recognize that our being left here increases our reward as we selflessly serve him. May God awaken the Christian folks and grant the grace to give our best service know our labour in the kingdom is not in vain.


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